Top MBA Colleges In Pune

Top MBA Colleges In Pune

Pune's academic reputation means well for students at MBA colleges there

Pune is less well known than other Indian cities on the global stage, but don’t underestimate this up-and-coming hub of academia.

Formerly the center of the Maratha Empire, this growing city in the west of India beckons for students looking for world class education.

Known as ‘The Oxford of the East’, on account of the several prestigious educational institutions located there, Pune is a diverse and growing city, situated among many places of historical interest.

Its renowned academic institutions has enhanced its reputation as a hub of training, strong contributing to industries including IT, alongside education and management. This has firmly placed Pune at the center of developing technologies, and providing excellent opportunities for MBA students looking towards the world of innovation and research.

Students at MBA colleges in Pune are frequently linked to multinational consumer goods companies, including L’Oreal, Bajaj Allianz, Forbes Marshall & Colgate.

Beyond lucrative chances for employment, Pune also offers MBA students a high quality of life, with cheaper rent and overall cost of living compared to other larger cities in India, particularly the nearby Mumbai. It is also generally considered to be a safer place to live, by virtue of being smaller.

Here we’ve profiled the top MBA colleges in Pune. We’ve listed them alphabetically. You can skip to the relevant sections by clicking the links below.




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